Using Cloudflare Stream with tus-php to upload videos

I’ve been working with the documentation but have been seriously struggling to get anything to work - are there any examples of uploading to Cloudflare stream via tus-php?


Likewise, haven’t managed to get anything to work using tus-php. Would be great if there were some other usable implementations of Tus, other than the Golang and Python implementations.

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I’ve now got it working with tus-php if you need any help let me know.

I’ll put it on github at some point.

Hi …
I have the same issue like U.
If Ur solutions is working can U give it here or send to github.

Will be grateful.

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Can you share code for uploading video with tus-php

Is there any code samples available for CodeIgniter using tus-php to upload videos on cloudflare stream and securing it with domain and time.