Using Cloudflare Stream to produce a true linear video channel

I am kind of fascinated by the resurgence of Linear TV, which I understand to mean a channel where only one show is viewable at any given time. I’m inspired by the live channel. I’d like to have a channel like that.

Users tuning in after the start of a program would see the show already in progress. Although prerecorded, it would be live in the sense that everyone was watching the same thing - a bit like broadcasting in the old days.

However I don’t have the impression that Cloudflare Stream would support this, because it would be essentially live streaming - a different Cloudflare product and not cheap if I understand right.

Is that correct? Any ideas?

This is also how I understand it.

To my mind a stream is like you describe, a live stream, much like for instance Twitch is full of live streams.

What Stream delivers rather is Static Video Streaming, not what I call an actual stream per say and the service to my mind is slightly misnamed.

I have been (repeatedly) requesting an affordable Audio only stream (live stream) solution from Cloudflare as particularly Audio only streams are very susceptible to DDoS and a cut and paste CF solution would be adopted by many many live audio providers.

Hoping I am wrong and that someone else can reply with a more data.