Using Cloudflare Stream Player and CDN with External Vultr Object Storage

Dear Cloudflare Support Team,
I’m writing to inquire about the possibility of using the Cloudflare Stream player and CDN while storing my videos on my existing Vultr Object Storage. I’m interested in leveraging Cloudflare’s delivery network and player features for optimal performance, but I’d prefer to avoid additional storage costs on Cloudflare Stream.

Here’s my setup:
I have videos currently residing in my Vultr Object Storage bucket.
I’m hoping to use Cloudflare Stream to deliver these videos through its player and CDN, without having to duplicate the videos on Cloudflare’s storage.

Is this configuration possible with Cloudflare Stream?
If so, could you please provide detailed instructions on how to set it up?
Are there any specific considerations or limitations to be aware of when using an external source with Cloudflare Stream?

I appreciate your prompt assistance in clarifying this matter. I’m eager to optimize my video delivery while utilizing my existing storage solution.

Thank you for your time and expertise.

I’m speculating here but I’d get int ouch with Sales because to do it, if it is possible, it would be an enterprise solution. In the regular stream-function that you can pay peanuts for there is no way to add external storage.