Using Cloudflare SSL certificate for Subdomain with www

I am looking to have a solution for using Cloudflare Dedicated SSL certificate for my website subdomains. I have purchased the $10/month package with expectation that I could setup a wildcard hostname with the www.

I want my subdomains to load with the SSL certificate and I have more than 100 subdomains available for my domain. I don’t want to add each subdomain with www as a hostname but use a wildcard format.

I am inspired after reading the following posts-

My current hostnames are-,,

I added * to work for subdomain like but it seems not working! I think the wildcard format is incorrect.

I want my SSL certificate works for all addresses like below-

I am quite confused if it’s really possible with the Cloudflare!

Thanks for the help!

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That’s not a Cloudflare limitation. In certificates, the wildcard can only be in the leftmost position.


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