Using Cloudflare registrar but DNS elsewhere

Why would I want to do this, you might ask.

While waiting for Cloudflare R2, I need to store some files and my cloud host, Digital Ocean, can do this. But the domain needs to use their nameservers. This domain uses Cloudflare Registrar and Cloudflare DNS. It looked like the only option was to remove the domain from Cloudflare, so I did that.

Now, I can no longer manage this domain from my list of domains with Cloudflare Registrar - it shows up in the list with its expiry date and status “Active” but the link to manage it gives a 404 error… What now?

While we all are waiting for R2, may I ask have you tried to setup BackBlaze B2 Storage with Cloudflare as a CNAME setup?

Ouch! I am sorry to hear this :anguished:

If your domain was at Cloudfalre Registrar, Cloudflare Registrar’s ToS states that you can only use Cloudflare name servers → which you changed for your domain name to some other.

Furthermore, kindly, I’d suggest you to write a ticket to Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue (keep in mind it’s weekend) and share the ticket number here with us:

Thanks @fritex ! I don’t know anything about BackBlaze but I’ll have a look.

[edit] I see Backblaze is a backup service. I need to serve pdfs with a CORS header.

I added the domain back into Cloudflare so it’s no longer lost but it was not accessible with no explanation until I added back. No warning and only the most generic of error pages. It isn’t a valuable domain but still…

The instructions over on Digital Ocean are also not very clear. Using the Cloudflare DNS, I pointed a subdomain to the Digital Ocean “Space” but so far it’s not working.

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