Using Cloudflare Proxy to a non CF Domain

Hello All, we’re having an issue,
As we’re trying to setup a website with one of our other domains this one iscurrently being hosted in another registrar, and due to timing we arent able to move it to cloudflare just yet (
We had hopped to use some of features of cloudflare (proxy) and CNAME the A record on our other registrar.

but we receive an error with “SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP”.

Some of the things i’ve tried to do, was to setup the certificate to include both domains in the SAN fields, and expected that to allow use to connect to the website, unfortunately this didn’t work out.

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While you certainly get points for creativity, you cannot do what you have described.

Using a Partial CNAME setup requires a Business plan or higher and it would live in its own separate site entry in your Cloudflare dashboard.


Thank you, i’ll give that a try!