Using CloudFlare proxy in front of plex/media cloud, when page rules bypass cache?

Proxying a media server through the cloudflare CDN is obviously against the ToS, but what about when the page rules disable all the cloudflare features?

Something like:

  • Disable Security
  • Disable Performance
  • Disable Apps
  • Cache-Level: Bypass

I am asking because exposing a home network IP on the internet through a reverse DNS isn’t great, but if we were still allowed to use the cloudflare proxy to hide the actual IP and benefit from simple SSL setup, it would increase security drastically.

Would this still break the ToS?

It’s still a violation. That’s using Cloudflare’s “CDN”. It’s the “Network” part that’s the issue. It’s not about which features you’re using, it’s about bandwidth.

thanks, yeah that makes sense. Too bad, cloudflares security features and stuff like WARP tunnel sound perfect for home networking stuff

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