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Hi Guys,

So I am making use of the proxy service using 443. I wanted to only allow cloudflares IP ranges through our firewall so I found the list which was last updated in 2019. I have entered all the ranges and so far everything worked great until today. We tried to access our server and it was being blocked, when I looked at the access logs the cloudflare proxy was using an ip address of which DOES NOT appear in cloudflares IP ranges.

I added this ip and all back on but, is there an up to date ip range list I can use? Just wondering why this address or range isn’t on the list

Regards John

The IP address list is correct as posted. The IP address you listed does not belong to Cloudflare. It belongs to Google:

Thanks for that, just as you posted I realised it was a Google address. I’ll do further investigation.

Thanks for replying.

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