Using cloudflare only for custom SSL certificate without transferring domain

I currently have my domains registered with Google Domains and would like to continue managing them there. However, I want to use Cloudflare specifically as my custom SSL certificate provider. Is it possible to configure Cloudflare for SSL/TLS services without transferring or buying my domains through Cloudflare? If so, what are the steps to achieve this setup?

To use Cloudflare while keeping your nameservers you would need to use a Partial Setup, which requires a Business or Enterprise Plan…

Note that Cloudflare isn’t an SSL certificate supplier, it uses third party CAs for the certificates. And using that service to front an origin server that isn’t itself configured for SSL is insecure and not recommended.


If you do not require the use of non-Cloudflare nameservers, you can use a full setup without using Cloudflare as your domain registrar. It just requires changing the nameservers at your registrar to Cloudflare.

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