Using Cloudflare on IP-less subdomain

Is there a way to enable Workers or Page Rules on a subdomain (or root, for that matter) without having to use a server IP in the DNS entries?

I know I can just put a random one, like or, but it would be helpful to have subdomains which resolve to Cloudflare without having nothing actually behind for maybe Workers or even Page Rules (redirects?) without the need to maybe hit someone in case of errors with tons of unwanted traffic.

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Use - it is part of a range intended for documentation, is not actually routable and will be accepted for an :orange: record on Cloudflare. There’s an outstanding feature request to create this type of rule without a customer having to specify a value… when/if we do we’ll likely use that same method under the covers to create the address to be forwarded for so that DNS can return a proxied result to the user.

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