Using cloudflare on domain but not on specific ports

Hello i have enabled cloudflare on my domain with no issues, my question is this, is it possible to have certain ports configured to use cloudflare and others not configured on the same domain or ip address? I can get cloudflare to work with all of the required ports, but if i edit a port in my nginx.conf file to a port that is unsupported by cloudflare it does not respond and times out. So i was womdering if there is a way to get the port to work but not to use cloudflare on the same domain or ip address as the ports that use cloudflare.

Not on the same hostname, but you could create one hostname set time :orange: and another set to :grey:, the first would go through Cloudflare and the second would not.

Note that since the :grey: version bypasses Cloudflare it will expose the origin’s IP address.


Thanks for the quick reply, i thought that myself , so it would either be enable all or not, i would prefer my origin ip address to be hidden , thanks again.

If certain ports are only needed open for your own devices/services to connect in, you could edit the hosts file on your end points to know your IP address/hostname mapping (or just change them do directly use your IP)

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