Using Cloudflare on a redirected domain

I bought domains through GoDaddy but I use Hostinger to host. So I changed the name servers at Godaddy to point to Hostinger. I signed up to Cloudflare to use the free SSL but I can’t access any of my WP admin pages now. I am getting a “to many redirect” error. How do I fix this? I could not access my WP admin because the domains did not have an SSL so Google gave me the Unsecured website error, now I run through Cloudflare and it gives me a to many redirect error. I really need to work on my sites.

First things first, your nameservers need to point to Cloudflare.

They (the name servers) are all pointed to Cloudflare.

You mentioned you pointed them to Hostinger.

Can you post the domain?

This is what it looks like on Cloudflare

But you are likely to have a HTTP/HTTPS mixup, that your server requests a HTTPS connection, but your your TLS settings are “Flexible” which makes Cloudflare connect via HTTP, even though visitors actually connect to Cloudflare via HTTPS.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

thepeoplesnews seems to properly set up DNS-wise. What is your TLS mode? Maybe try setting your TLS mode to “Full strict”.

I can access it by the domain name but not through wp_admin

You dont seem to have a valid certificate on your server, so you’d need to set it to “Full” instead of “strict” (which is slightly less secure) or make sure you have a proper certificate installed.

This is the TLS setting

Sorry, didnt mean the version but the overall TLS mode. The first entry on the crypto page, where it say “SSL”.

Do you mean the SSL mode?

Yep, try setting that to “Full” (and “Full strict” once you fixed your certificate on your server) and Cloudflare should connect via HTTPS to your server, which is likely to fix your redirection loop.

Ok I will try that. Thank you

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