Using Cloudflare on a membership Wordpress site

I run a wp website of news, that based on the membership level can prevent or show some content. For instance a “premium” article is shown only to logged users that have paid a subscription fee.
I’m also using a cache plugin. The non paying users will see a, excerpt only, and a Call to action asking to evaluate to upgrade.
By using Cloudflare , can I continue to deliver content in this way? Can I also get rid of the caching plugin?
Thank you

You should not use “cache everything” in this case. Chances are that: if a premium user is first to visit the page, Cloudflare will cache that. This means that someone close to that premium user (accessing the same data center) would get the full article instead of the paywalled page, which is a problem.

This is solvable with “disable cache on cookie” which is only available on the business plan. Here, you would set the cookie “wp_premium” (or name it however you would like) when a user is logged in and is also subscribed to premium. This would likely request some code work on your side, either via a custom plugin or working with the company that provides your paywall plugin to add this cookie functionality.

If you don’t think the business plan is worth it for just that feature, I recommend sticking with your current cache plugin (assuming it currently plays well with your paywall plugin).

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Thank you. I’m not sure my cache plugin (w3tc) will handle this, but my best guess is no. In such a case, what would be the additional benefit of having a business plan? Can I get rid of the cache plugin?

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