Using cloudflare occasionaly drasticly slows down our pages

Hi There.

Every now and then we experience drastic loading times when we are running under cloudflare.

For example site can take up to 1+ minutes to fully load. As soon as I turn off CloudFlare using Pause Cloudflare on Site option, our website(s) loads immediately. Even when we lose improvements that cloudflare offers (cache, compression etc.).

This happens every two months give or take and always lasts for about 1-2 days (in other words - every two months our sites takes 1+ minutes to load for about 2 days - it’s terrible), and clients are getting pretty angry about this, so we are considering to leave cloudflare and just go without it.

Anyone having same problem ? Or am I doing something wrong ? Our servers are provided by DigitalOcean (Frankfurt) and we are located in Slovakia (East Europe).

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

If you can replicate it, please post an image of the waterfall view. Either from your browser’s Dev Tools, or a testing site like or

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