Using cloudflare is actually SLOWER than not using cloudflare

I’m using Cloudflare in front of some open source sites hosted on

They have .gltf files (json) and .bin files that I’d really like to see compressed but AFAICT they are not. Compressed in total they should about about 1.6meg but uncompressed they are 6.6meg

according to the headers the .gltf files are content-type: model/gltf+json and the bin files content-type: application/octet-stream

I see how to exclude certain types from compression but can I do the opposite and include types for compression?

So fyi, checking github pages it compresses .gtlf files (model/gltf+json) and .glb files (model/gltf-binary) where as Cloudflare does not. This is a huge performance loss using Cloudflare.

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