Using Cloudflare IP

Hello Community,
I want to ask that I don’t want to use my cloudflare nameserver as there are other users too on that site. I want to use cloudflare for just a subdomain. Should I use cloudflare ip
Well while testing i saw that it works but i am in confusion that what if cloudflare changes it’s ip.

Thanks for upcoming help

You can’t delegate just a subdomain to Cloudflare unless you have a Business or Enterprise plan. Trying to just enter the Cloudflare IP addresses into your own DNS won’t work well.

It works well you can check it here

Hi @harsh7890, did you change your nameservers away from cloudflare?

… well that’s not a subdomain that’s the root. In a CNAME setup you can certainly do that, but you need to monitor the IP address so that if it changes you update your authoritative nameservers. You’ve also only specified a single IP address which is a potential risk if Cloudflare chooses to stop advertising a specific IP address or block for DDoS mitigation. So yes it ‘works’, but not in a supported fashion.

Let’s hope they on a plan which supports a CNAME setup otherwise the zone will switch to the moved state and if not corrected be deleted from Cloudflare.


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