Using Cloudflare IP Address for SS

hi, I have setup a Shadowsocks+V2ray server and clients. All of them is working fine until I replace the vps ip address with Cloudflare’s IP address.

I search online, and the site say we should ping our domain after setup on Cloudflare, and then use the IP to setup the client.

Here is my setup:
*Adding Cloudflare’s NS record to the registrar and removing the default NS
*Add an A record on Cloudflare for the domain and point its IP to my vps
*Enable DNSSEC
*Enable Full(strict) SSL/TLS
*Add Firewall rule - Known bots
*Setup & create certificate on vps using certbot
*the domain name is

I try pasting the IP address on the browser thought it will lead to my website, but it give error - ’ Error 1003 Direct IP access not allowed’. Is this why i cant use the IP address on the SS client?

Please advice, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Assuming these are not using HTTP you won’t be able to use Cloudflare in the first place. Even if they do you might want to be careful as you might be in violation of paragraph 2.8 of the terms of service.

Also, you can never use the IP address, you have to use your domain.

hi, they are all using HTTPS. so you are saying we should only use our domain name and not the IP address? i tried using the domain name on the SS client and it is not working, that is why i try search for solutions online.

i can reach my website using the domain name, so Cloudflare is working ok pointing to the vps ip address, and i can use the vps ip address with the SS client. so it seems Cloudflare somehow blocks the SS client

what do you think? and any suggestions or anything i could try, to resolve this?

thank you,

If it is using HTTPS you can use Cloudflare, but again, you will be probably in violation of aforementioned terms. Cloudflare is for websites, not generic HTTP services.

Shadowsocks does not seem to use HTTP however

hi, i hv read the term & condition 2.8, im serving HTML/webpages through a proxy, would that consider as a violation to free account? if yes, would purchasing a Pro account allow this?

p/s - this to reply to your last msg rgd SS not using HTTP. im not sure as im not too technical person, thought it is running on HTTPS

thank you,

That is most likely a violation as you will be primarily serving a VPN protocol. An upgrade to a Pro plan won’t solve that either I am afraid.

But if you plan to serve only a website you don’t need Shadowsocks. Simply use Cloudflare as it is intended.

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