Using Cloudflare Image Transformations on Existing Wordpress Site

What solutions exist to transform images from an existing wordpress site using Cloudflare > Images > Transformations > ENABLED where the systems advises a $10/mo cost and usage costs based on adding this to an existing free tier or Pro tier plan website?

When Enabled I get an API url and can see that there is a image drop for 1 by 1 editing an image but I’d like to convert hundreds or thousands of images on an existing site and was hoping there’s a plugin or tool to perform this function. The docs page doesn’t have anything that guides this process I have found: Cloudflare Image Optimization · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

A deeper look gives: Upload images · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs
“Cloudflare Images allows developers to upload images using different methods, for a wide range of use cases.”

I’d love to know what mass conversion or upload methods exist based on “different methods” as none seem to address images already in uploads on the site in folders.

Appreciate any help or recommendations appreciated and if ai must download all images and re-upload to the edge using Upload via batch API · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs batch API, a tutorial or guide would be amazing with enough guidance to do this properly.
Posted also to Community and I’ll share any responses in either location for future reference to others. (reddit Reddit - Dive into anything)

Hi there,

The easiest way would be to use this method:

Basically you replace the original image URL in the HTML for the transform URL.

There are WordPress 3rd party plugins available that do this automatically like Cloudflare Image Resizing, Offload, AI & Optimize with Cloudflare Images, etc.
I don’t know how good they are though, since I don’t use them.

Here’s the repo for Cloudflare Image Resizing, in case you want to take a look at the source:

Take care.

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