Using Cloudflare Image Optimization across two domains

I have a site that has two domain names. I want to keep them separate to serve slightly different content, but they in fact share the same code base, and both are served using Cloudflare Pages.

Cloudflare Image Optimization (CIO) is applied to one of them. If I understand it correctly, if I want to use the same thing for the other domain, then I would have to get a pro for the second domain, and enable CIO on it as well. Is that correct?

Right now, the CIO I have configured for the first domain does not block other other domains from using it — mostly I am not enabling that so that images will show up on Google Image Search — though perhaps you can tell me if that is necessary for Google Image Search, since they don’t technically serve images directly from the domain, and I would really like to prevent people from using that full endpoint to make image of different sizes.

My main question is — can I theoretically use the cdn subdomain to serve two different domains, or would I really need to get a pro subscription for every single domain that I own, even though they are both served from the same code base and repo.


If you’re referring to the Image Resizing product, then yes, each domain will currently need a Pro plan in order to enable Image Resizing.

Image Resizing has a “Resize images from any origin” setting. When this setting is checked, then you can resize images from any origin (and use images from your other zones). When this setting is unchecked, then you can resize only images from the enabled zone.

However, all Images and Image Resizing features will be available on all plans (incl. Free) toward the end of this year. You can read more about the upcoming changes here: Image optimization made simpler and more predictable: we’re merging Cloudflare Images and Image Resizing


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