Using Cloudflare has caused an unexpected issue with my website

Can I just go back to use my old nameservers cause use of Cloudflare has just got me mad with my website. I got it https secured but everything has just got messed up on the site. Everything slow and information got bugged up

Hi @pratikbishen, that sounds like mixed content. You can pause Cloudflare from the overview tab. To change name servers, you need to contact your registrar.

To fix mixed content, check out this tip, Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors.

A quick potential fix/help is on the SSL/TLS app, enable Automatic HTTPS rewrites. The system will correct as many of the errors as it can, but will not affect calls to css or script files. Those you’ll need to manually update.

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Hey Got it finally on track… but I had to remove clouudflare from mid. and change the nameserver back to what it was. I wish I could use Cloudflare and get the ssl secure line. But anyway I’ll look for other measures if available

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