Using Cloudflare gets my domain into a reload loop

I have just added a domain to cloudflare today, but am facing a problem:

Every time I activate cloudflare (“proxy” instead of “Just DNS”), the subdomain I have activated this for gets into a reload loop. As soon as I deactivate all cloudflare functionality (Just DNS), the subdomain works as expected again.
This is the case for multiple different IP addresses the dns is pointing to on multiple different servers from multiple different hosts. I therefore concluded that indeed cloudflare is the part that causes the problem.

As my Knowledge with cloudflare is very limited (I am a complete noob) I don’t really know where even to start debugging. Can anyone steer me into the right direction? For now I deactivated Cloudflare functionality for all DNS Entry’s that are production, but I would like to be able to use cloudflare.

Thanks a lot!

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