Using cloudflare gateway on a mobile hotspot

i want to use cloudflare gateway on a mobile wifi hotspot.
problem is, the IP is dinamic.
what can i do?

Could you perhaps switch to DNS over TLS or DNS over HTTPS? Because then the subdomain identifies the associated Cloudflare account, instead of the client IP.

i’m not sure if the mobile hotspot device i’m using supports that. i’m not sure if even mobile hotspot devices in general supports it

this is something that i don’t know if it supports.

What kind of hardware is the ‘mobile wifi hotspot’? An Android smartphone, iPhone, a cellular router, or something else?

Is it only your own devices that will connect to the hotspot and can you configure DNS there? Or are you setting up a network for guests and want the DHCP provided DNS to forward to Cloudflare Gateway?

its an LTE router. also, if i’m correct, dns can only be configured to certain IPs with gateway. the hotspot i’m using is nighthawk m1

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