Using Cloudflare for Both My Domain and Clickfunnels

I have a question about using Cloudflare for both my website and Clickfunnels.

My domains are already set up with Cloudflare, and Clickfunnels also uses Cloudflare.

If I add the Clickfunnels DNS record to my Cloudflare setup, will this result in Cloudflare being used twice (once for my domains and once for Clickfunnels)?

Will this impact my website in any way (performance, stability, etc.)?

Is it better to add the Clickfunnels DNS record directly in my Namecheap account instead of doing it through Cloudflare?

Are there best practices for this configuration?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there,

No, because you’ll be delegating the hostname to another zone, so the configuration for the hostnames will be applied at the receiving zone only.
Please have a look at:


It’s up to you really, but one advantage of still using Cloudflare anyway is that if you later decide to have a subdomain for something else, it will already be on Cloudflare, so you only need to create the A/CNAME record and point it, and it will have all Cloudflare features available at your zone at your disposal.
You can also take advantage of the email forwarding, workers, pages, tunnels, and many other features in subdomains you decide to create even if you don’t directly have access to the apex and www.

This is a question better suited for clickfunnels. Here’s something I found:

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