Using cloudflare features without using it's cdn feature

I have my site hosted in india targeting indian customers, here the cdn feature of cloud fare is not increasing the speed of page load but decreases to about 1 to 2 secs , therefore I would like to know if it is possible to use all the cloud fare features like fire wall, hotline protection etc and not use the cdn feature,if so how?

CF’s service works by first sending requests to CF before they reach you. In that case, the actual “CDN” element isn’t causing the slowdown but the service being active at all (this might be caused by routing issues or the general location of CF’s datacenter).

Disabling the CDN would slow your website down more, so the only option you have is to possibly try enabling Argo (which may or may not help), or not using Cloudflare. You can’t use those features without the slowdown also happening.

But is it possible to use the other features without the using the cdn, if so how

When I bypassed cloud fare completely i gained 2 seconds , now I would like to give a try and find out, please guide me

I have switched development mode, now the problem is solved and have gained speed and also using other features of cf

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