Using Cloudflare DNS proxy for Web API primarily (JSON content)

We see Cloudflare’s TOS for the DNS Proxy is intended primarily for HTML content - but we really like Cloudflare’s proxy feature.

Can one use it primarily for our web api end point instead (which will return JSON)?

Would that be acceptable in terms of TOS compliance.

Thank you

How big are these JSON files? I am neither a lawyer nor do I work for Cloudflare, but I think JSON files of a reasonable size (<1 MiB) will be fine.

From what I know this clause is mostly to protect Cloudflare against users who proxy their Plex server or image/video hosting site and use huge amounts of bandwidth.

With that said, if you want to use Cloudflare for your mission critical API, I’d recommend reaching out to support (or sales, if you get tons of traffic) first to be absolutely sure.

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