Using Cloudflare DNS for Domains in Escrow

I’m purchasing a domain to be held in escrow via escrow .com, which I believe uses GoDaddy as the registrar.

We want to use this domain for shopify plus, email, etc which require not only CNAME but DKIM, SPF, A name records etc.

Unfortunately escrow .com will only setup DNS records once, and not again during the escrow period (which could be over a year due to payment terms agreed upon). We expect that over time we’ll need to add and edit DNS records.

As a result, I’m wondering:

  1. Is there a way to initially setup GoDaddy DNS records to point to Cloudflare, and have Cloudflare manage all subsequent DNS records, even if the registrar is GoDaddy
  2. Will this approach play ‘nice’ with Shopify+
  3. What other considerations/limitations would such an approach pose?

We want to be sure that if we pursue the purchase of this domain that we can actually USE it, and don’t want to be limited later should we need to change DNS records…

I would not purchase anything through them. Looking at their site it doesn’t appear as though they are an authorise domain reseller. Instead seek out an authorised registrar.

You need to add the domain to Cloudflare. The nameservers issued are then set at the registrar. However they remain in control which means they can change them at any point and there is nothing you can do about it.

Yes, this will work. Only non-proxied records will work with Shopify.

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