Using cloudflare dns caused some issue in Iranian websites loading because of inernet limitation

Hello. As you know there are internet limitation in IRAN and everything just work from inside and all websites that using Cloudflare dns have some issue such as loading uncompletely or load with style issue like my website
The host provider told me use default dns but I perefer to use Cloudflare dns because of google indexing and page speed and etc.
But I need to change some settings in Cloudflare to be sure my website will load and work correctly with Cloudflare. Please let me know what should I do?

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Hello there, I understand the internet disruptions in Iran. As I see now, your site is functioning well. I do not see any other need for any changes in CF unless you are specific about it.

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Thank you. I had to change dns to default server dns and also I found the problem from style.css. I am wondering if I use dns of server[the server is in iran] is there possible to make problem with google indexing?

Since you’ve not made any changes in the host/ modified files, I do not think there should be any problem.

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my concern is about internet limitation and maybe google robots can not access to iranian website anymore!!

I’m afraid I would be able to answer you with the exact information on this.

Definitely uncertain about this. Further you can read here

As per my knowledge, (bots crawling/ related) that shouldn’t be the issue in fact provided your site is up & running with the default DNS server as you mentioned.

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Thank you

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