Using cloudflare dash while keep other authoritative name servers


I have some domains who want to park to try to earn some money while waiting to sell it. Because i have only the domains, and no hosting space or other services contracted with the registrar, i don’t have cPanel. Instead, i use the cloudflare dashboard, when i manage it.

In order to use cloudflare to manage my domains, i need to change the default authoritative nameservers at my registrar to NS’s given by cloudflare. But… in order to park and earn money, you also need to use the authoritative nameservers of your parking company.

In order to manage such ‘conflict’, i’ve done the following: First, i’ve changed the default authoritative NS’s assigned by the registrar (in the registrar site) to the domains given by the domain parking company, in order to that NS’s “write” the DNS records they need (a lot of NS records, like ‘track’ ‘mail’, etc.). After a while, when the records are added to the domain name, i change again the NS’s in the registrar site to those assigned to my cloudflare account. After, i add the domain to my cloudflare account, confirm that NS, TXT, etc. records already exists, AND, at the end of the process, i create another 2 entries: two NS that point my domain name to domain parking nameservers. In cloudflare it’s something like: [] is managed by [].

What i need? I need to use a console to add and remove DNS entries without mess all. I need that domain parking NS’s act as the authoritative nameservers, but cloudflare only allows their nameservers alone, even if registrar allows more than 2 authoritative NS’s. It’s because that i’ve created two NS records, to try to make domain parking company name servers act as the authoritative NS.

Do you think it will result? If no, what’s the correct process? I need parking company nameservers access and write DNS records AND, AT THE SAME TIME, i need a dashboard to manage DNS records, to add TXT entries for other parking companies, for example.

Below is a snapshot of my setup. Circled in red is what i’ve done to try to keep the servers of the domain parking company as authoritative nameservers. Any advices are welcome. Thanks in advance.

NS records won’t help. To use Cloudflare’s features and DNS you need to change the nameservers for your domain to those provided by Cloudflare.

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