Using Cloudflare D1 with Prisma in Pages with Nuxt zero-configuration

Is it possible to find a solution for using Prisma within Cloudflare Pages or a technical explanation of why it cannot be used?

We talk about a Nuxt zero-configuration integration, no Workers, but Pages, implemented as explained inthis official guide by Cloudflare.

Prisma implementation following this official guide by Cloudflare, in conjunction with this official guide by Prisma.

Visiting the test page results in Error 500: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'name'), while it works perfectly locally.

I’ve created a test repo to reproduce the issue, with the implementation process.

Anyone has a working repo or example?

Thank you

Did you ever get it to work?

Not yet…I think it’s an “edge” environment circumstance. Prisma says it’s edge ready, but it’s not, at least on Cloudflare Pages. I’m trying Drizzle and it works.