Using Cloudflare Certs in Pterodactyl

Hello Cloudflare community,

I’m running a software on Ubuntu which I’m using Cloudflare certificate’s for and upon starting it i receive a error.

I am using origin certs and I’m not to sure what’s happening when visiting the website i get a " not secure "

I’m using ubuntu and have the certs under /etc/https-certs and the file names
private_key.key public_key.pem

Any support i will be grateful for thanks.

Cloudflare origin certificates are only trusted by Cloudflare so need to be used through the Cloudflare proxy.


If you are making direct connections to the server then you’ll need to use a certificate from a trusted CA like LetsEcnrypt.

Hi sjr,
Thanks for the reply

Just to confirm im using the dns record panel and node.
Both of thease have been proxied by Cloudflare.

Apologies if im talking non sense i am new to this kind of stuff.
I am also using nginx where i set the ssl cert and ssl key to the files above.

OK, so the records are proxied and the Cloudflare edge SSL certificate is in place so I don’t see an error…

Make sure that the machine making the request is getting Cloudflare IP addresses for (so the request goes through the proxy) and is not resolving it to a local IP addresses, or directly to the server IP, due to a hosts file or local resolver.


Okay thanks for that SJR apricate the help.

I didn’t have the server running when you ran that test server is now running and all seems fine on that link you provided.

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