Using Cloudflare CDN Slow down my site. How and Why

Hi guys,
Need some help on this issue, i thought using Cloudflare CDN will speed up my website but its doesnt speed up as i imagine it will be.
The server i using is siteground Share hosting-Grow big plan and with lets encrypt to provide SSL
below is my GTmetrix and google speed insight result without using Cloudflare.

after i active Cloudflare, it slow down my Speed (Fully Loaded Time) and also the score for google speed insight also drop from 99/100(mobile) & 97/100(destop) to 73/100(mobile) & 89/100(destop)
Below is the GTmetrix and google speed insight result after 30mins active Cloudflare CDN Service.

May i know why or what cause this problem? Please help thank you
Below is my website address.

i also test it by pingdom also and the result also show that using CDN is slower.

Your site currently isn’t going through Cloudflare, so I can’t check a full page load using a Waterfall view to see what’s slowing things down.

It appears you’re using WooCommerce, so if you do a search here, you’ll find many threads on the topic.

Greetings @alvinyap.kc,

Depending on where the testing is actually being run for GTMetrix in Hong Kong (network and datacenter) as well as the plan type your domain is on, it may be possible your request is boomeranging :kangaroo: across the Pacific to a US POP or to another POP outside of Hong Kong.

If your primary visitors are in Malaysia (which the site looks like it is) they are probably hitting the Cloudflare datacenter in KL so the test results from Hong Kong may not resemble what you may see somewhere else.

You might check to see what datacenter the tool is getting and compare that to what you get when a target customer might visit.


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Thank you sdayman, I just active the CDN service again, can help check again and point me to the correct direction to fix this problem thank you.

Thank you olivergrant.
I try look in to the article that you mention and hope I can get answer there and fix my problem. Thank alot

The great news is that most of your resources are eligible for Cloudflare cache. If I refresh the site several times, every resource ends up cached by Cloudflare (except the main html) and your site loads in about 1.5 seconds.

What I recommend would be to add a Page Rule to keep resources in the cache longer:
Settings: Cache Level (Cache Everything), Edge Cache TTL (7 Days), Browser Cache TTL (1 day)

With all that in place, the only thing slowing the site down is Wordpress generating the front page HTML, and that’s fully dependent on your server’s performance. Overall, though, it’s pretty quick.


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