Using Cloudflare CDN client certificate by uploading root CA

May I please have a couple of questions on Cloudflare CDN client certificate feature? Thanks in advance!
I’m looking at one scenario which is related with this feature.
We want to sign the client certificate in our own services. So in this way, what we need to do is just to upload the root CA certificate to Cloudflare CDN so that it can use this root CA certificate to verify the clients.
Is this possible in Cloudflare CDN?

If not, then is there an API interface to get the client CSR signed by Cloudflare? We would like to sign the client certificates on-demand, and therefore the certificate would be a short-lived one by configuring expiry.

Looks like it’s possible with Cloudflare Access but, you need a Cloudflare for Teams Enterprise plan.

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Thank you:)
To be honest, I’m looking at this with a free trial. If it is possible, it’s worth to proceed with a Teams Enterprise plan.

In that case you can contact the sales team and try ask for POC.

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