Using Cloudflare, case studies galore!

Based in Los Angeles, Manduka provides responsibly produced yoga mats, equipment, and apparel to consumers and yoga studios worldwide. The company strives to provide a best-in-class user experience on its website so that both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) customers can quickly find what they’re looking for and have a smooth purchase process. And, Cloudflare helps, find out how.

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Dig, also known as Dig Inn, is a large chain of fast casual restaurants focusing on cooked-to-order, plant-based foods, sustainability, and working directly with farmers and partners to plan mindful recipes. Dig asked Happy Cog, a full-service interactive agency and its long-time partner, to develop two new websites. Happy Cog decided to build Dig’s websites using Cloudflare Pages, which allows developers to deploy and host their sites directly to the edge, closer to end users. Read more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Verto Health’s customers requested their help in managing COVID-19 testing and vaccine appointments. Their patient-centered platform is ideal for tracking the patient journey through a multi-stage process, such as undergoing a COVID-19 test before travel or scheduling multiple vaccine appointments.

Currently, Verto Health serves 10% of Canada’s population and 20% of Ontario’s. This means that even if a small percentage of their customers attempted to sign up for a test or an appointment, they could easily overload the system. To maintain customer trust, Verto Health needed a platform that was both highly available and secure. Cue Cloudflare!

In January 2021, a new Minister of Health took office in Latvia. For the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine rollout, he created a special task force of eight people to manage all components of the initiative for the nation’s population of approximately two million. This included appointment scheduling, vaccine distribution logistics, and public relations encouraging people to get the vaccine. Latvia turned to Cloudflare to support its vaccination approach, find out how.

ProPublica is a non-profit, independent newsroom with a focus on investigative journalism. It has a moral focus targeted at exposing abuse of power and betrayal of public trust. To ensure their website is at its best for its readers, ProPublica has partnered with Happy Cog, a full-service interactive agency. Happy Cog designs, builds, and markets websites, mobile apps, and ecommerce platforms for organizations around the world. Cloudflare ensures that ProPublica’s site scales and remains available and performant during sudden traffic surges. Read more to find out how.

Cloudflare Magic Transit protects RcodeZero DNS against DDoS attacks on a global scale. Based in Salzburg and Vienna, Austria, GmbH is the delegating body (registry) for the .at top-level domain (TLD), as well as the and domains. Its sister company, ipcom GmbH, also offers domain name services like the Anycast service RcodeZero DNS. In addition to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and global enterprises, more than 20 registries with over 20 million domains already depend on RcodeZero DNS and benefit from reliable DNS protection – now additionally secured with Cloudflare Magic Transit.

Founded in 2000, Israel-based eTeacher Group uses modern technology to provide virtual learning to over 35,000 students in 200 countries, ranging from small children to adults. With over 850 employees worldwide, eTeacher operates almost on an entirely remote basis. The company currently offers classes in nine different languages and is continually seeking to expand its reach through new course offerings and collaboration with ed-tech professionals. Cloudflare supports eTeacher Group towards a Zero Trust security model, find out how.

Founded in 2013, Home Chef is a meal-kit delivery service that simplifies meal planning and makes it possible for anyone to cook nutritious, delicious meals. Home Chef currently serves about 220,000 customers across the U.S. every week. In 2020, the company delivered 10 million meals and expanded its delivery territory to include 97% of the US population. Home Chef deploys Cloudflare Bot Management to stop attacks by credential-stuffing bots, find out how.

Dewaweb provides over 55,000 Indonesian businesses with cloud-based web hosting services like domains, cloud hosting, cloud server (VPS), cloud backup, SSL certificates, and managed services. Dewaweb’s customers range from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, which span both the public and private sectors. Dewaweb is ISO 27001 certified and provides its customers with 24/7 support and a 100% uptime SLA. Cloudflare Magic Transit gives Dewaweb continuous real-time protection against frequent DDoS attacks, read more to find out how.

Based in Cyprus, BridgerPay offers a SaaS platform that enables ecommerce merchants to connect their online stores to over 300 payment service providers in 170 countries in just a few clicks. BridgerPay’s platform frees merchants from having to manage multiple payment providers and enables merchants to scale globally by making it simple for them to add payment options that are local to a specific area. Currently, BridgerPay works with approximately 250 merchants worldwide and facilitates over $250 million in transactions monthly. BridgerPay secures its merchant portal with Cloudflare Access, find out how.

123Milhas is an airline ticket booking company based in Brazil, which helps customers purchase tickets using airline miles or cash — often at a lower value than by other means of purchase. The company’s website also provides the option to search for hotels, insurance and car rentals. 123Milhas uses Cloudflare to protect and enhance the performance of its online platform, find out how.