Using Cloudflare, case studies galore!

Oak National Academy has arguably been the U.K’s most well-attended school this year, but you won’t see its logo emblazoned on any uniforms.

Oak was launched as an online resource hub in April 2020 to help instructors, parents, and students transition to remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic. Oak’s founding team had built careers in education as principals and teachers and when schools closed, they aspired “to make sure no student missed a lesson during COVID-19.”

“We’ve had a significant amount of press. We were announced on the podium at 10 Downing Street, and this made us a bigger target,” said Technology Director John Roberts. “We needed to make sure we had a best-in-class product to secure our site as we were building it so fast. Cloudflare has definitely achieved that and exceeded our expectations.”

Founded in the 1930s, natural health supplements company Blackmores is one of Australia’s leading brands. For 12 years running, Australian consumers have voted Blackmores the country’s Most Trusted Vitamin and Supplement Brand. Cloudflare’s performance, security, and serverless solutions enhance security and efficiency for Blackmores Group. Find out how.

Founded in 1957, INSEAD is an international graduate business school with campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, with a San Francisco location coming soon. The school consistently ranks among the world’s top business programs, and its nearly 60,000 alumni represent 175 countries and 166 nationalities. NSEAD uses Cloudflare’s security solutions to secure their public and employee-facing websites and apps. Read more.

Founded in 1877 as Japan’s first modern university, The University of Tokyo has 10 undergraduate schools and 15 graduate schools located on six different campuses. Approximately 28,000 students are enrolled in its undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs, and it employs roughly 10,000 faculty members, making it the largest of all of Japan’s national university entities.

The University maintains roughly 1000 website subdomains for different schools, departments, and research offices. Read more.

Waseda University, which will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its founding in 2032, formulated the “WASEDA VISION 150” as its medium-and-long-term plan to build a firm position as one of Asia’s most prestigious universities. To realize this plan, the University’s IT Strategies Division determines goals and measures to be achieved by maximizing the value of computerization, by accelerating implementation of all measures such as migration to the cloud, and by strengthening security measures. Waseda University realized stable web service even during cyberattacks with maintenance-free and cost effective Cloudflare WAF service. Read how.

AllSaints is a leading British fashion retailer that’s been selling high-quality men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, and accessories since 1994. For eCommerce platforms, performance and security are crucial. Faster websites lead to higher conversion rates, and eCommerce sites must be secure to maintain consumer confidence and regulatory compliance. AllSaints turned to Cloudflare for both performance and security at a workable price point. Read the whole story.

The Late Late Toy Show is the most watched show in Ireland every year with a 70%+ audience share and over 1.5 million viewers on their live show. Every year they put on extraordinary entertainment for the nation and 2020 was no exception.

This year, Ryan and the team decided they needed to do something extra special to lift the nations spirits so they created the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal — the appeal would raise money for children’s charities across Ireland to be distributed by The Community Foundation for Ireland. Needless to say, the Irish nation rose to the occasion!

By the end of the first broadcast on Friday night, the appeal has already raised an incredible €5.2 million, with the total continuing to climb (at time of writing it’s now over €6.5 million). Thousands of Toy Show fans have donated so far.

The final sign-off to run the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal was less than 2 months before broadcast and with it, the new requirement to process donations from the live show. That’s where We Are Serverless comes in. Managing broadcast-driven transactions is their specialty. For the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal use case, We Are Serverless chose Cloudflare Workers as the weapon of choice — for a lightweight application with minimal downstream integrations, it was the most cost effective and time efficient solution for their needs. Read the whole story.


“At Delivery Hero, we always strive to deliver an amazing experience to our customers. Cloudflare helps us do the same for our internal teams: offering them a secure working environment across the globe and an easy way to build fast, reliable, and privacy-respecting applications,” said Christian Von Hardenberg, CTO of Delivery Hero. #PrivacyCompliance

Millions of people and businesses around the world trust TransferWise to send money abroad. Read the story about how they do it. #PrivacyCompliance

OneTrust helps companies be more trusted and use technology to make trust a competitive advantage. It is the fastest-growing privately held company in the U.S., with a stunning 48,000% three-year growth rate. Over 7,500 businesses worldwide utilize OneTrust’s SaaS solutions to manage privacy, security, and governance to comply with regulations such as the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, and ISO27001.

OneTrust started with Cloudflare’s core performance and security suite, including Cloudflare WAF. As OneTrust grew, the company added Rate Limiting, Argo Smart Routing, SSL for SaaS, Workers, and Access. Read what they’re doing now. #PrivacyCompliance

“SIXT operates in more than 105 countries, and we turned to Cloudflare because we needed a solution that could truly scale globally,” said Dr. Klaus Kolitz, Chief Technology Officer, at SIXT. “With Cloudflare, we have confidence that we have the tools we need to ensure a safe and fast online experience for our customers, while providing our teams a flexible and secure way to build and deploy applications.” #PrivacyCompliance

Godwin Heights PSD is a K-12 school district located near Grand Rapids, Michigan, comprising four school campuses and an alternative education learning center. Godwin Heights was suffering repeated DDoS attacks, often perpetrated by students themselves. “We’ve changed our IP address a bunch of times, but the attackers would just change their attack to the new IPs,” recalls Johann Radloff, Director of Information Services, “That tells me the attackers were familiar with our system." Today, Cloudflare Magic Transit protects Godwin Heights Public School District against frequent, damaging DDoS attacks. Find out how.

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After an intense internal evaluation process, Panasonic’ European cyber security team selected Cloudflare’s HTTP Proxy service, including CDN, Advanced DDoS Protection, WAF, and Enterprise (Domains), along with the Cloudflare Workers solution.

Based in Seattle, Washington, evo is an omni-channel retailer specializing in outdoor sports and lifestyle gear, including skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, and camping gear. Its online store is responsible for about 85% of its sales, and evo’s two biggest selling days of the year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Like all online retailers, evo has to deal with automated traffic, nefarious crawlers, malicious bots, and the threat of DDoS and other attacks. Unlike legitimate customer traffic, which is stable and predictable, malicious requests often come in giant spikes, which can degrade site performance.

This thread has grown a lot over the last year. Here are some of the top stories from 2020:

  • Shopify uses Cloudflare to power more than 1M websites
  • Panasonic Europe uses WAF and Workers to enhance security and provide visibility through a single pane of glass
  • Wikimedia used Magic Transit to overcome a massive DDoS Attack
  • Naranja, Argentina’s largest credit card issuer, saw a 30% improvement in load times with Argo Smart Routing
  • Sony Music Japan needed security in multi-cloud and hybrid environments without getting locked into a single cloud vendor
  • Canva powers global expansion for 35 million customers with Access, Workers, and Bot Management
  • INSEAD reduced dependencies on VPN with the implementation of Access
  • Godwin Heights Public School District relies on Magic Transit to protect students’ education
  • Neto, “Australia’s Shopify”, mitigates 16,000 cyberattacks per day with WAF and Bot Management
  • Mozilla partnered with Cloudflare to develop the next generation of security and privacy technology.

…And there are many, many more stories from 2020!