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Expecting a treat :chocolate_bar:, I was really excited to read about Chocolatey on Cloudflare.

Sure, I was not disappointed at all to learn that Chocolatey doesn’t worry about unexpected bandwidth costs by using Cloudflare. Equally excited to learn that Chocolatey is the package manager for Microsoft Windows, an open source and commercial tool with a community package repository. OK, a sweet treat indeed.

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Love this one, BullyingCanada works to provide direct services to youths and their families to help them resolve bullying situations. Learn how Project Galileo helps.



AutoAnything is one of America’s fastest-growing online retailers of specialized automotive products. Founded in 1979 and based in San Diego, California, AutoAnything offers a wide array of products that enhance protection, comfort, safety, and performance of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. AutoAnything discovered that their site was being targeted by malicious bots.

AutoAnything was able to remedy this problem using Cloudflare Bot Management. The automatic thresholds provided by our Bot Management solution helped them identify traffic from bad bots, enabling a more realistic analysis of their visitors’ behavior. AutoAnything saw an immediate drop of 85% in malicious traffic and a ~4x increase in conversion rates. Read more in this case study.

Zendesk operates with a simple idea in mind: better customer service comes from better relationship with your customers. Whether customers reach out to you or want to find answers on their own, Zendesk makes communicating easy and efficient. Read how Zendesk uses Cloudlare.

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Poki began leveraging Cloudflare’s CDN service for its image and game files. It then also moved its on-the-fly image resizing and HTML serving completely to Cloudflare. With Cloudflare Image Resizing, Poki serves resized images that are optimized for each visitor’s device, keeping images as lean as possible without compromising the user experience.

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HubSpot worked hand-in-hand with Cloudflare to rapidly secure and accelerate thousands of customer domains. Along the way, Cloudflare simplified the process to deliver SSL for 47,000 HubSpot customer sites, and improved overall performance by 35% with Argo Smart Routing.

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The leading media house for business and financial information in Germany, the Handelsblatt Media Group (HMG) regularly faces concerted online attacks from hostile actors — and before moving to Cloudflare, they were causing major issues. Over a span of several weeks, HMG was overwhelmed multiple times by online attacks that incapacitated its origin server, rendering the site inaccessible.

Read more to find out how the Düsseldorf-based media group responded.

If you do any shopping online, there’s a good chance you’ve transacted with a store on Shopify, which is why the Canadian-headquartered company is worth over $40 billion. Rather than build out its own globally-distributed network footprint — which would necessitate large investments in infrastructure, expertise, and time — Shopify opted to join Cloudflare’s global network.

India’s largest ticketing company, BookMyShow, is using Cloudflare to improve its security, performance, reliability, and still deliver an excellent customer experience even with traffic bursts of up to 50 gigabits per second.

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When Optimizely heard about Cloudflare’s new Workers platform, it realized there was an opportunity to develop a robust new implementation of its experimentation platform — one that would still be easy for its customers to install, but that doesn’t come with the same tradeoffs in performance. Read the whole story…

Replicated would lose hours every week from engineers troubleshooting their local environments. When a front end engineer (who wasn’t expected to be a Kubernetes expert) would have issues, they’d need to pair and get help from a backend engineer; consuming not just one but two people’s valuable time.

They needed something better…cue Cloudflare! Read more…

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