Using Cloudflare as reverse proxy without DNS


I am looking to use Cloudflare as a reverse proxy for a client’s website, however I am unable to migrate their DNS hosting to Cloudflare. Is it possible to external DNS pointing to cloudflare than act as a reverse proxy?

Bonus question: If it is possible to use Cloudflare without DNS how would I configure the host server in Cloudflare? Normally I would do this using A record and CNAME records in Cloudflare DNS but I don’t feel like this would work as I’m using external DNS.

It is, but requires at least a Business plan and a CNAME setup → search has more on it.

That’s the same question as the first one :wink:

Thanks, I found this article that describes the config Understanding a CNAME Setup – Cloudflare Help Center

The article states that only subdomains not the root domain can use cloudflare services in this configuration. Does that mean in external DNS I would still need an A record that points to the server IP address and when a request is made to the root domain a 301 redirect to www subdomain would be returned?

That is correct and is, for example, also standard behaviour in partner setups.

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