Using Cloudflare as our domain dns should we disable plesk dns?

Trying this first here rather than opening a ticket.

We use Cloudflare as the primary dns for our domains - we route ll pf them through cloudflare.

When we recently moved to a new server and DC, the plesk installation setup plesk as a ‘primary’ dns for each domain hosted.

While it has not resulted in any issues as yet, wondering os we should turn off the plesk dns for each domain?

Sid B.

I’ve not used Plex, but I do use Git (hosted via GitLab), and I (believe) Plex offers Git services as well.Therefore, using a somewhat flawed reasoning, I’m assuming Plex is your origin server just as GitLab is mine. I’d think you’d want to have Cloudflare shielding your Plex records (A & AAAA) by placing them in Cloudflare’s DNS dash. That way your origin would continue to function with Cloudflare protecting your origin’s privacy and securing it.

Thanks for replying, but the situation is a bit different. Git doesn’t serve as it’s own primary DNS
We have a dedicated server and all domains using Cloudflare for their primary (source) DNS which, among other things, helps keep our traffic flowing through CloudFlare.

Letting Plesk set itself as primary DNS may - I don’t know, so I asked - cause issues there, including it could (?) expose, as primary DNS, the server or site IP. I am not a DNS expert, by far. :slight_smile:

We only have 2 domains that have an email address on the server - which is apparently what triggered the Plesk install to setup the DNS on the domains - though the email is only forwarded to our addresses on gmail. They only exist to ‘validate’ our domains ref. Emails we send out from aweber to our people.

But I appreciate your help. :slight_smile:


I understand; however, the wording of your question led me to believe you were thinking that you could have only Cloudflare as your server. Since Plesk is your origin, its DNS is necessary in order for Cloudflare to know what it’s protecting/connecting to/fronting.

Ok, there does seem to be a communications issue here. :slight_smile:

We have dozens of sites - hosted on dedicated hardware servers,

all running Plesk on the hardware,

all hardware and web sites are connected to Cloudflare,

all sites are set at their registrar to use CloudFlare NS servers as their DNS servers


all are using CloudFlare as their Primary "DNS server" for the hardware server & its websites,

AND NONE of those dedicated servers themselves have ANY “Plesk DNS” active/enabled.

ALL are connected to and working with Cloudflare without issues.

Now, Our newest dedicated server and it’s sites DO have ‘Plesk DNS’ enabled - the Plesk install did that -

BUT was, as we normally do, setup (through registrar) to use CloudFlare NS servers AND use Cloudflare for DNS.

We do NOT know if that will be a CONFLICT/Issue with the ‘Plesk DNS’ enabled, but Cloudflare NS servers

and Cloudflare for DNS. We have NEVER run a box with ‘Plesk DNS’ enabled before (as explained above).

That is what I am seeking advice upon. The hardware hasn’t gone totally ‘live’ yet for users.

Maybe that is clearer? LOL

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