Using Cloudflare as my domain registrar, how can I delegate my root domain to external name servers?

I’m using Cloudflare as my domain registrar, but I need to have one of my domain’s name servers to be on AWS. Cloudflare allows me to add the necessary NS records for my root domain to my DNS setup, but they won’t work. For subdomains it works perfectly, it’s only an issue for the root domain.

I have read other articles where it specifies that you cannot delegate your root domain’s name servers to use external ones. And it makes sense but only when you’re using Cloudflare’s name servers from another registrar, in my case I am using Cloudflare as my domain registrar and want to use external name servers.

Does anyone know if this is possible? I know an alternative solution would be to migrate my domain to AWS, but would prefer keeping it on Cloudflare with all my other domains.

Hi @bobkujawa,

It is not currently possible to change the authoritative nameservers of a domain using Cloudflare Registrar. You can use NS records for subdomains, as you mentioned, but you can’t on the root domain. Your options are to use DNS records and not change the nameservers, use a subdomain where you can or transfer away from Cloudflare.

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Thanks @domjh ! It’s good to know, so I don’t keep looking for a solution, although it would be great to allow root domains to change name servers when using Cloudflare as a registrar. I will probably just transfer my domain away from Cloudflare.

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