Using cloudflare as hosting getting 522 error code

I keep getting 522 error code and i am not able to fix it.

The article you linked should have all the information on that topic.

Im sorry, but I’m but I’m not seeing the article that you have sent


I use the and it is showing that i do not have a CNAME record, but i am clearly seeing one in my DNS settings

Why would you use that? That’s not related to the issue.

Pause Cloudflare and verify if the site loads fine on HTTPS. If it does not, you need to contact your host

that is the issue I’m having. I am using cloudflare as the host. In the meantime, I will try your suggestion

Cloudflare is no host

Hmmm. I now see where i went wrong. I bout the domain from name cheap. my site is on dashnex. when I connect to dashnex, the dns says cloudflare.

Just to be sure, I am supposed to contact Dashnex, is that correct

Yes, if they host your site. You need to clarify if you configure the correct DNS entries and the site needs to load fine on HTTPS. Keep Cloudflare paused until it works.

Thank you. That’s it for now

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