Using cloudflare as GEODNS server

Actually i have search around this community but i couldnt find a top to clear the sky for me :wink:
let me explain what I’m looking for as an example…
Imagine i have to hosting server one in Germany and the other one in Iran or any other country in Europe or Middle east…
I have my website on both of this servers and i want to create a geodns server for users who are trying to cometo my website in a way which when anyone from any where in the world tries to open my website, geoden server send them to the host which is in Germany (ex.) and when users from Iran (for example) trying to open my website, it redirects them to the host which is located in iran.
As i have understood, this is what geodns does, but my question is, Am i able to do such thing with cloudflare?! If yes please tell me what exactly do i need to do ?
Many thank in advance


Hey Judge …
Thanks for the reply …
Would you please tell me where can I apply all settings for my website …
honestly i’m kind confused and i cant find the setting page … besides i dont know where to set all this stuff
thanks in advance

traffic part of the size

About halfway down the page:

well … I guess i need ti check my eyes :wink:
Thanks man :slight_smile:
appreciate it :slight_smile:

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