Using Cloudflare Apps on Workers sites

I’ve developed a couple Workers sites and am trying to install the Google Translate app on my Workers site, but its not rendering. DNS is proxy’d, should apps work with Workers sites?

Hello! Workers works with Apps but how they interact can require some specific coding considerations. Please also see on

* `apps` `boolean` optional
  * Whether [Cloudflare AppsOpen external link]( should be enabled for this request. Defaults to `true` .

When using Cloudflare Apps and Workers, they are “pipelined” together. The Apps Worker would run first, and when it fetches ‘origin’, the regular Worker runs directly afterwards.

Can you tell us more about the rendering issue you’re seeing?


I have the Google translate app installed on a client’s project, but it’s just literally not showing up. It shows just fine on traditional sites proxied through CF, however.


The URL in question is Translate is set up, but not showing on the site at all.

Hey! Please could you create a ticket for us and share a link to the ticket here so we can troubleshoot this better for you.

Thank you @earl1 !!

Ticket #2402245

If there’s any chance of getting help on this question too that’d be amazing! Redirect URL, unless WARP for Teams is active

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I see the ticket was responed by a TSE. They have answered questions and added some suggestions. Is the issue now resolved?