Using cloudflare and services


I have two questions here, 1.can we use cloudflare and services for one website?

  1. I am using litespeed cache plugin for my wordpress website so does cloudflare services cache the website to speed up the website? cause using two cache services can slow down the website, I would love to give faster loading experience to my customers.

I need your help in understanding this


From the topic title, it may be a good choice depending on your website type and purpose. even has a tutorial on how to do this, I would suggest below article:

Should work fine with Cloudflare.

Haven’t used it, but it seems to me it’s a new CDN service?

If they are not properly configured, I believe there could be some issues for user experience for the website visitors.

May I just add few links here for better understanding:

If you want to cache your WordPress post webpage / published articles - as they are - the HTML, you might want to first check below link:

Nevertheless, there is a way to cache even a HTML webpage using a Page Rule with Cache Level: Cache Everything option:

May I also suggest below posts as they could be related and help you a bit:

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