Using Cloudflare and Let's Encrypt together?


possess a number of Wordpress websites (all using Litespeed caching). Additionally, have Let’s Encrypt certificates provided to them.

I’m attempting to determine if the SSL/Certificates will be compatible with the basic/free Cloudflare service. Cloudflare appears to be beneficial for both protection and CDN purposes. I tried searching online, but there are many older articles that discuss how easy or difficult it is, so I’m still confused.

Would you advise me to disable Litespeed if I use Cloudflare or is it necessary? (I understand that they each do things differently, but will utilising a CDN prevent me from using a local caching service?)

I can cancel the certificates and reissue them because my sites are still in the early stages of development.

Thank you, mcdvoice

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Your SSL certificate will still be valid for encrypting the connection from Cloudflare to your server. However, Cloudflare will generate a certificate (usually from LE or GTS) and serve that certificate to your users.

In other words, your SSL certificate will still do its function, but your clients will see the SSL certificate managed by Cloudflare.

Be aware that ACME HTTP validation won’t work with Cloudflare enabled, and you’ll need to use DNS validation to automate your certificate.

Hope it helps!


There are ways of making it work. I exempt the /.well-known/acme-challenge/* path from HTTPS redirection along with a couple of other settings for good measure. With Page Rules going away in the near future, I’ll need to update my SOP to use the new locations, but it should still work.

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