Using Cloudflare along with Litespeed Cache Plugin for a WooCommerce site

Hello! I’m a novice to all these so please bear with me :sweat_smile:
I have Litespeed Cache enabled on my eCommerce site running on Wordpress + Woocommerce.
I’m thinking of letting Litespeed do all the caching work and using Cloudflare for the CDN service.
Is it a good idea? Will Cloudflare be beneficial by anymeans after disabling caching function?

How do I disable caching on Cloudflare? Under page rules section, I’ve added my site URL as* and have set caching level option to Bypass. Is this enough or do I have to disable somewhere else?

I have turned on Jetpack’s Image CDN currently. Should I disable it?

And I have also seen Woocommerce users complaining of SSL issues while checking out the cart. Is this common? Should I change the SSL setting to STRICT?

And What other options can I enable/disable from better performance of my ecommerce website?
Please suggest.

Thank you :blush:

setup Cloudflare to do all the static css/js caching

litespeed cache - actually does 2 caching functions

  1. static file cache
  2. dynamic cache i.e. PHP for guests

So also let litespeed do it’s caching as dynamic PHP cache isn’t handled by Cloudflare by default unless you’re on Cloudflare Business plan or higher and can use bypass cache on cookie (guest dynamic cache) when combined with cache everything page rule which would do guest cache and then use CF Business plan’s railgun to cache dynamic content for logged in users.

So with absence of CF Business plan, Litespeed cache + Cloudflare, you get benefits of guest caching at Litespeed web server level and Cloudflare to CDN accelerate the static asset caching from there.

Yeah probably not needed with Cloudflare in front.

Hey, Thanks!
I’ve disabled the Jetpack’s Image CDN.
I’m not on the Cloudflare cusiness plan, I’m currently planning on going with the free plan itself.

And I don’t find “Bypass cache on cookie” rule on the Page rules setting.
And at Cache level, I have set to BYPASS for the domain as suggested by litespeed
. Should I change this?

Litespeed support told me this

You can use LSCache with Cloudflare but it is recommend to disable any caching Cloudflare does. Just let it serve static files.

I honestly would disable Cloudflare cache for static files - setup page rules for css/js files to be cached by Cloudflare and don’t use Cloudflare to cache everything rule for dynamic content like html/php (i believe that is what litespeed is referring to as litespeed has it’s own cache invalidation for lscache for dynamic php content).

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