Using Cloudflare Access with Vercel


I would like to ask about how to configure properly Cloudflare access with vercel. The access itself is works, however every 60 days i need to disable access for a few minutes until Vercel regenerates the SSL certs. I have found this article on vercel site:

The problem is i cannot found any “whitelist” in Cloudflare access, also in the rules there is “bypass” but i can’t select any type which can match the domain shown in the article:


How can i set the above domain to bypass the access?

Hi from the Access team,

So the way to bypass on a specific URL/Domain is to create a second Access Application matching the exact path. Then set that application’s only policy to be:
Rule Action = Bypass
Policy = Include: Everyone or Country or IP (something that will let your target audience through)

The more specific URL matching with bypass for that path and all other domain/path combos for the site will be protected with a login screen.


Thank you very much for the detailed guide. It was not clear for me while trying to solve it on my own, but with your guide it was easy and now it makes sense.

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