Using cloudfare and 123 reg for forum

Hoping someone can help me. I’m a complete newbie and technophobe so please go easy on me.
I have a domain banksyforum that is currently hosted at 123reg. I want to use cloudfare to get it to forward to the forum and use the website address.

The instructions on the forum website do this

I cannot get the CNNAME on Cloudflare to populate with the address as it says it will

Can anyone tell me what I need to do at the 123reg site?

That is primarily a question or your registrar and your host. Your forum first needs to load fine on your domain and on HTTPS before you can even consider Cloudflare.

I understand they offer a paid custom domain feature

Domain Names — You can link your own domain name (such as your-name .com) to your forum for a yearly fee. Full details can be found in your forum’s admin panel under Paid Features.

You’ll need to sign up for that, make sure that it also includes a certificate, and only once all of that works you could add Cloudflare to that mix.

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