Using CF as Proxy Without Setting DNS

Hi everyone,

We are developing white label ability for our tool. For that, there are two domains these
customer domain and
company domain

When our customer visit own domain ( we should serve content.

We can not change ns records of customer domain because customer uses root domain for different purposes. So we need to add cname record for customer domain that should point company domain that exists on Cloudflare. When we visit customer page, error shows up that DNS resolution error 1001

I also tried to change proxy to dns only but when we do that ssl is not recognized by server because domain is not registered.

Do you have any solution for that?

Thank you,

Hi @eyup1,

It counts like Cloudflare for SaaS may be what you are looking for:

It’s currently an Enterprise feature with a beta for other paid plans.

Other than that, you would have to handle this outside of Cloudflare.


Hi domjh,

Thank you for sharing. But i could not find solution in the blog that you shared. Is there feature for what I asked?

Cloudflare for SaaS is a product that allows you to configure custom hostnames that get Cloudflare’s benefits. This would allow the customer to CNAME to your record and work through Cloudflare.

This may help explain it further:


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