Using Cache everything WordPress


I’m using Cache everything rule
I set wp-admin and login.php to bypass cache
Domain,com/* wp-admin*
Bypass cache
Cache bypass
Although im thinking i should get Bypass in
Cf cache status but it showing hit and expire in redirect page what im doing wrong?


Take a look at your first page rule. What you’ve typed above is not what your page rule pattern is.


Once you get @cscharff’s suggestions worked out, yes, that’s how I Cache Everything for Wordpress.

#1 Bypass cache on wp-admin
#2 Bypass cache on wp-login* (AND I also set Security Level to Under Attack to add a javascript challenge)
#3 Cache Everything with an Edge Cache TTL of whatever you want.

The tricky part is if you’re the Wordpress Admin and you visit a page, it gets cached with whatever you see, like an Edit link, or that Admin bar at the top.

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