Using authorization credential bearer in lieu of same-origin

I understand Rust cannot run in a pages function (of a zone domain by subdomain, e.g. “www”) yet. How is a post request with a custom domain service worker from a referer that I can have behind firewall rules accomplished redirecting follow or transition rules in state of the art? Or are all rustaceans waiting for Wrangler 2 to release service bindings? Hmm, last citation wrapping this message before the following and noticing miniflare supports service bindings 13 days ago. If that doesn’t work then:

My next attempt tomorrow: instead of workers to be authorized by bearer credentials in a pages function but to a subdomain custom domain service worker - by following these two examples.

Here is my mess. I would like to post to the rust service worker (by a custom domain, behind firewall rules - which seems a worker cannot be on the same zone as pages that has firewall rules).