Using Argo Tunnels without Argo Smart Routing

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I noticed that it is possible to use Argo Tunnel free of charge without Argo Smart Routing. However, I’m not sure if this is intended. The Blog post and documentation only mention free tunnels for people without a Cloudflare account.
The previous discussion (How is argo tunnel billed when not using argo - #6) was locked without a confirmation by Cloudflare that this is intended behavior.

As I want to avoid getting my account blocked or services disabled, is it possible to get confirmation that Argo tunnels can indeed be used free of charge for those of us who don’t use Smart Routing?


Maybe you can refer to this Cloudflare for Teams pricing:

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. This would mean it is indeed free. But isn’t this then a backdoor for free smart routing? As Argo tunnel only connects to a few data centers, it has to route internally? In the past Cloudflare also always said that Argo Tunnel uses Smart Routing by design.

Still, it seems that this is the official confirmation so I guess that should suffice.

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I believe the tunnel connection without Smart Routing does not route through Cloudflare’s backbone network. Public Internet will be used instead to reach the data center that has the tunnel connection established with the server.

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Someone could sniff the app and see if its really 1 IP connection to CF or multiple IP connections to CF that come up and tear down randomly (each POP). Argo Smart Routing also includes that Tier Caching feature, so you dont serve the same asset 100-200 times (each CF POP) an hour for a origin Cache-Control 1 hour TTL asset. Some people complain heavily that CF doesn’t promise “if I say cache 1 hour, I better see 1 GET an hour in my server log or the (reverse proxy) product is a failure”.

I never used the tunnel app myself, but in a world WITHOUT IPV4 addresses, many last mile ISPs are CGNAT only by now. Without the tunnel app, you can’t have the origin server live in your house unless your buy a 3rd party VPN plan. Plus blackhat CF bypass is impossible if you have no incoming ports open to your origin server :wink: So I wouldve assume the tunnel app (have origin server behind CGNAT) should be free, but its bonus features obvious are paid.

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Here’s some news on Argo Cloudflare Tunnels:

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